History of Quinn's

Dale Quinn was a best friend to all La Cita members. He had a lifelong passion for the game of golf. His career as a golf course Superintendent took him to several prominent places such as New Orleans, Louisiana, Pinehurst, North Carolina, and Hilton Head, South Carolina. In 2001, he was able to fulfill his lifelong dream when he became co-owner and director of golf and grounds at La Cita Country Club. Unfortunately, in the early morning of July 8, 2015, Dale collapsed on the golf course while working with his crew.

One of Dale’s favorite phrases was directed to all our club members, particularly those having to hit golf shots from bad lies. He would say “Don’t hit it there”. No sympathy, he always felt you could do better not blaming course layout or conditions, just dig down deep and play better. Dale was always able to make people smile with his personality and day-to-day interaction with whomever he came in contact with. He was the “Blue Collar” owner/partner of La Cita Country Club. He never wanted to be involved in the management of the club, he would always say, “I just want to grow grass”. He avoided the spotlight of being a partner of the club management, he spent his time with the groundskeeping crew, as he felt that was where he belonged. The day we lost Dale, everyone lost a best friend. He will always be a special part of Quinn’s.